If you are selling your home, please consider selling it on the open market instead of directly to a developer. (September 27, 2017)

Cherishing green space………


A developer is more likely to cut down all the trees as well as tear down your home. Our gracious neighborhood trees provide a park-like atmosphere that so many of us enjoy, but the rapid demolition of the tree canopy is reaching a tipping point. Virginia state laws give almost complete leeway to the landowner, and Arlington County has even allowed developers to remove trees in the County right-of-way.

Leaving more trees:

·         Increases property values by increasing neighborhood appeal.

·         Promotes health and structural safety of trees on neighboring properties by preserving root systems.

·         Prevents run-off and flooding problems on nearby properties by retaining soil moistures.

·         Saves wildlife habitat.

·         Slows atmospheric warming.

·         Promotes human health and well-being.

·         Contributes to the charm and uniqueness of the neighborhood.

 You can get more money if you sell your house on the open market. On N. Nottingham St. an 11,000 sq. foot lot with house recently sold to a developer for $710K. A similar as-is home a few doors down sold to an individual for $852K in a bidding war on the open market. The only way to capture the true worth of your home is to let it compete on the open market. Any Realtor will assess your home with no obligation, and, if you are selling your estate from a different location, a good Realtor can do much of the preparation. Realtors want you to get the highest price.

You will give younger buyers a chance to buy in the neighborhood. Many young buyers are willing to bid on a home as-is, complete with a yard and play space, before it turns into a mansion they can’t afford.

You’ll promote a diverse neighborhood character. Developers often put up a huge-footprint house that leaves no room for trees, and many of their houses look alike. Individual buyers take different paths to refashioning your home. Although some may take your house and trees down, many will refresh, creatively expand, and distinguish your home, or put up a new home sized to retain some yard and trees.

Please consider putting your home on the market to protect the trees,

naturalness, and charm of the neighborhood!

Your neighborhood thanks you!

Margie Bell