Arlingtonians express concerns about the loss of our trees (November 15, 2017)

Arlington Tree Action Group meeting, November 15, 2017 – comments on concern about trees (citizen’s neighborhood, when stated, included in parentheses)

(Ashton Heights) Love trees; work with ACE, which administers the Tree Canopy Fund to encourage neighborhood tree planting

(Rosslyn) Work with American Forests in DC; new to area and love trees

(East Falls Church) Tree Steward, Master Naturalist, love trees and hate seeing them come down; need more trees

(Williamsburg) Following recent election, key chance to seize the state legislature; time to contact local representatives and push tree and environment issues

(Lyon Park) Frustrated watching trees come down and McMansions go up; have made signs to put on my lawn – “Big Trees, Not Big Houses”

(Lyon Park) Huge house going up next door; builder handed out a list of all the trees coming down; welcome advice from this group on preserving any of the trees

(Rosslyn) Need to bring more people from urban hubs into this discussion

(Williamsburg) Tear-downs everywhere are denuding the county of trees

(Arlington Ridge) There’s a need to explain – and expose – economic incentives at work in building McMansions

(Donaldson Run) One house after another is being torn down

(Donaldson Run) Tributary A of Donaldson Run did not work; Trib B ‘restoration’ should not bring down 80 trees. County allowed excavation on a hillside: so much soil removed it endangered homes on each side and digging was finally stopped

As a planner on Parks & Rec Commission, urge citizens speak at public meetings

(Aurora Highlands) Worried to see streams choked by ivy

(Arlington Ridge) As a member of the AR Civic Association (ARCA), want to help preserve natural resources, including habitat for wildlife

(Williamsburg) Need to educate everyone about all the health benefits of trees

(Addison Heights) County says it is big on E-government yet there is no way online to see footprint or tree plan for new houses

(Lee Highway Alliance) Share the mission of ATAG, and believe trees are the answer to so many things

(Glen Carlyn) Concern about rapid canopy loss

(Arl Ridge Civic Association) Member of the Planning Commission; see bigger barriers than Dillon Rule; need bring in Chesapeake Bay concerns; unify an approach through people-to-people contact and drawing on different strategies

(Crescent Hills/Rock Spring) McMansions are not healthy for neighborhoods; ramblers, built to last, fit better

(Arl Ridge Civic Assoc) A big reason we bought here is trees, which provide so much, including privacy; dread waking up and hearing chainsaws

(Arlington Forest) Over 30 years, see Arl Forest turn into Arl Desert; pollution off Route 50 is killing trees; Red Cross building on Route 50 will be coming down, along with a lot of trees

(Williamsburg) Why doesn’t the county trade building height for greater setbacks, and buy tear-downs to create pocket parks that act as “green vents”

(Williamsburg) Frustrated with all the tear-downs and variances given without concern for impact on the whole ecosystem, including wildlife; need holistic view

(Courthouse) Seeing all the McMansions is heartbreaking

(Williamsburg) Believe direct action is needed to save trees

(Ballston) Building so close to the streets means trees are clipped and damaged

(Williamsburg) Trees are taken down that don’t need to come down! Construction can happen without stripping each lot of every tree

(Aurora Highlands) Would like to see a TreeMap of Arlington that shows how much CO2 is removed by trees, how much storm water runoff prevented, and other benefits

(Aurora Highlands) If we can’t manage trees, we’re in trouble: it requires long-term thinking and a vision of how we want the future to look; need to get it right

(Arlington Ridge) 100s of trees to be destroyed after approved infill in Fairlington, a forest to be bulldozed at Kirkwood: all part of the religion of new urbanism; non-residents force this density on us while horses are boarded a mile away in McLean

It’s a relief to be in this room of people thinking like me – to know I am not alone; why does a house have to be so big? Couples tell me they want a yard and trees! Builders are not a protected class

(Rock Spring) As a realtor, see value of trees; questioned a neighbor about why an old oak would need to come down

Concern about Lubber Run and consequences on the watershed of losing 107 trees

(Williamsburg) Need develop disincentives to prevent trees from being felled as one measure to prevent Arl from being a place where only the rich, the elite, live