Public Comment Opportunities

See CALENDAR for upcoming opportunities to advocate for trees.

Comments and suggestions always accepted by the Arlington County Board members: 

To email all County Board members: 

Speak at a County Board Meeting

Consider attending and, more importantly, speaking up at an Arlington County Regular Board meeting. They start at 8:30 am on Saturday mornings.  More information on the agenda for each meeting can be obtained at 

The first matter taken up by the Board is to receive comments from the  public.  You must register in advance online or in person before 8:30 am. All speakers are allowed 2 minutes to speak. This is a powerful tool to show public concerns about trees and specific cases needing attention. For more information on speaking go to


Drop-in on an Arlington County Board Member at Open Door Mondays

Contact the Arlington County School Board  – 

in writing, by phone, by meetings, or at official School Board meetings.

The School Board is responsible for school properties, including the trees on those properties.