Audubon Society’s Conservation and Environmental Advocacy 101 Workshop Nov. 3

This virtual workshop speaks about “You’re passionate about nature. Maybe you’re worried about the environmental injustice of who can easily and safely access parks and forests. Maybe there’s a polluting factory in your community. Maybe you’ve seen your local stream get stressed out by stormwater. Maybe you want to help your neighbors grow native plant gardens, like you do already at home. Maybe you want to get involved in local climate campaigns. Or more!”

ANS promises: “No matter the issue, come to ANS’ Advocacy 101 workshop to learn about how YOU can participate and make a difference. We will cover the following key introductory advocacy skills:

  • Identifying issues and solutions
  • Researching and communicating ideas
  • Developing an action plan
  • Talking to decision-makers
  • Building coalitions to broaden support for your issue

Bring your own scenario to work with or join to help brainstorm a partner’s. We will work through scenarios, use role-play and group and expert feedback, and actively practice our skills. And, you’ll get your own copy of our Advocacy & Stewardship Handbook! Wednesday, November 3, 1-3:30 pm. Virtual via Zoom. $20 ANS members, $3. You can register at their site.