Your Invitation: Second Public Collaborative to Preserve Arlington’s Tree Canopy sponsored by the Arlington County Civic Federation – May 22nd

Please join us on May 22 at 9:30 am – 12:00 noon to begin Phase II of our collaborative. Click here to register.

Welcoming all stakeholders from all perspectives -environmentalists, business, development, real estate, commercial, residents, conservation groups, students, etc.

With your help and participation, we have a great opportunity to “move the needle” on tree preservation in the County.  On May 22nd, we will be kicking off Phase II of our Public Collaboratives with a larger virtual meeting. We will briefly review the results of the Phase I scoping study showing the many ways citizens are concerned about what’s happening to our tree canopy. We will then move to breakout team rooms to begin work on strategies for mitigating the key causes of tree loss in our County. The breakout rooms will address:

  • Improving County management of our urban forest
  • Financial and other resourcing for tree programs and activities
  • Incentives for developers to preserve trees
  • Zoning affecting tree preservation
  • Enhancing enforcement under current regulations
  • Correcting current inequities in the tree canopy

Each team will start with a draft mission statement and a facilitative leader. Each team’s findings will be compiled and reported back to the Arlington County Civic Federation (ACCF) members.

After this Phase 2 meeting, if individuals on the teams decide to do so, they may continue to work to further develop proposed solutions to be presented to the ACCF. Solutions endorsed by the ACCF will be submitted to the County Board and Manager for implementation.

Please volunteer to participate in this important exercise to develop constructive options for the future and build consensus. Also, please share this invitation with others who are interested or have expertise to participate.

For more information, feel free to contact me Mary Glass (  or Eric Ackerman (

Thank you!