Tomorrow – Don’t miss! National Expert on the Value of the Arlington’s Tree Canopy!

On Tuesday March 16th, the Arlington County Civic Federation (ACCF) is hosting an important presentation for its members on the irreplaceable value of Arlington’s tree canopy.  The meeting is also open and free to the public with prior registration at this site by noon tomorrow. At 7pm, the meeting will begin with Senator Mark Warner who will speak and answer questions. At 8:20 pm, Karen Firehock will present remarks on the value of tree canopy in Arlington.

Ms. Firehock, Director of the Green Infrastructure Center in Richmond, will outline numerous benefits from trees including property value, fitness opportunities, clean air, well-being and mental health, less crime, job development and preservation, attractive areas for development, commercial, historic preservation, and energy conservation. The author of numerous handbooks, including her latest publication Green Infrastructure: Map and Plan the Natural World With GIS, Ms. Firehock was recently recognized as a national leader in Green Infrastructure Planning in the ESRI book, Women in GIS.

The Environmental Affairs Committee will also present a brief summary of the findings and plans for the future based on the Public Collaborative on Tree Preservation In Arlington conducted in three sessions in November and December 2020 with a wide range of stakeholders. The Committee will offer a revised resolution urging the County Board and Manager to immediately provide the funding required for green infrastructure data collection ( tree canopy studies), integration into County GIS systems, and implementation in management systems to enhance operational efficiency and planning for natural resources in Arlington. This will provide a scientific basis for setting goals in the Forest and Natural Resources Plan currently under revision and establish metrics on accountability for reaching its goals.