Trees & Utility Fees – Input Opportunity Feb 17th 6:30 pm

Water and Wastewater Utility Rate Study – Community Q&A Presentation – February 17 at 6:30 pm – virtual community forum on the proposed rate structure


Trees can be heavily impacted as Arlington County reviews its utility fee structure to decide if changes are needed. Changes are being considered in part in response to increasing stormwater management costs. Increased runoff is a result of the removal of trees that soak up stormwater and the escalating amount of impermeable surfaces associated with all the development underway in the County.  By increasing fees for impervious surfaces as part of a new fee structure, an incentive will be created for designs that incorporate more permeable surfaces including the all-important trees. By first preserving mature trees and encouraging other vegetated surfaces it will be possible to mitigate stormwater runoff at the sources across Arlington. For more information, visit this webpage.