Crucial Meeting on New Integrated Forest and Natural Resources Master Plan Monday 10/5/20 7 p.m.

Virtual meeting of the Natural Resources Advisory Group, Monday, October 5th 7 pm to 9 pm. Directions on how to joint the meeting and how to provide written or verbal comments can be accessed at:

All are urged to comment on the scope of work as presented in this PowerPoint presented at the last meeting on August 3rd.  Even a brief written comment is valuable. Areas of interest include consideration of the policies in the current Urban Forest Master Plan ( , the adequacy of the resource databases available to evaluate policy options and the benchmarks to be used for the study including:

  • Legislative Benchmarking (Task 4.1)
  • Standards and Best Practices Benchmarking (Task 4.2)
  • Standards and Best Practices Development (Task 4.3)
  • Assessment of Current Practices (Task 4.4)